#noor 12

"We fight a lot nowadays. Does it always feel hard?" I ask. Baba,Noor's father shifts to the right side facing me.Far away Noor arranges the dining table with precision. She eyes at me frequently, I wave back. "Love....Sometimes it gets difficult. I don't know if i should hold it tightly or just let go." I... Continue Reading →

Journal 14

You couldn’t see it, but there was wave that was about to hit you. And it wasn’t just any old wave. It was the one that was going to drown you.It was going to sweep you out into the ocean, and no matter how hard you flailed your arms, how much air you desperately gulped... Continue Reading →

journal 12

1st September, 2021- One thing that always bothered me was how does one find the courage to say the last goodbye? Cause it's not an unfriend and block kind of situation (*although that happened as well). But you watch the people you once loved, go on and have a life without you being a part... Continue Reading →

Noor #11

August 1st, 2021*notes from a year before* Dear Zayev, I am incredibly lonely. Slowly all the realizations are building up, brick by brick.I am writing to tell you how much I hate having to always be under construction. The distance is getting too real again. Your continued absence, the most immediate evidence to the condition... Continue Reading →

#journal 11

In the past few days, I've had people say to me, "It's time to move on " - From any attachment I felt to my past.. To them, it seemed like an appropriate amount of time had passed for me to move on to the next phase of my life. Honestly, I dont know how... Continue Reading →


You think I am that womanThat woman who is bad at drivingAnd can kill peopleBecause she just doesn't know how brakes workThat woman who says she knows how to take care of homeAnd ends up having a maid and a cook. That woman who is a gold diggerThat woman who is angry all the timeSo... Continue Reading →

#journal 10

Disclaimer: This post is long, unedited and just a venting out of things going on. I just didn't have the heart to make it sound polished or nice. ----I think this was first time in all my years that I wasn’t very excited about Eid. I mean it was a beautiful Ramadan, but while all... Continue Reading →

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